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People Oriented

    Deep roots and luxuriant leaves come from elaborate cultivation. Wanbang has more than one hundred employees with graduate or doctoral degrees, and nearly 200 employees have intermediate or senior profession titles. 

    Wanbang has long-term cooperative relationship with China Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University as well as Xuzhou Medical College. Setting and operating Wanbang Biopharma Class, we brings into schools with new educational concepts such as professional co-training in universities and non-gap connection to society from the university. Meanwhile, this practice optimizes the company’s human resources and builds up core competence for the employees.

    Endogenous growth, denotative expansion and integration development. Wanbang Biopharma builds up a team culture of army, school and family, devoting to create a team characterized by remarkable execution power strong competitence, solid cohesion, and full of positive energy.

Contribution to Society

    Taking the core value of Self-improvement, Teamwork Spirit, Performance and Contribution to Society, Wanbang always repays the society and shares development achievements with employees, community, schools and patients in the process of seeking economic development.

Wanbang devotes itself to provide optimal treatments for the diabetic patients. It also pays attention to the education of both doctors and patients. Patients who have received free services exceeding one million persons/times.

    Wanbang’s scholarship and public welfare donations in the past years were well recognized and highly valued by the society. 

    To become a respected, innovation-oriented and first-class pharmaceutical company is the long-term goal of of Wanbang Biopharma.

    We believe that in the near future, this long-term goal will be realized.

    Today, Wanbang starts with its dreams and cares about the people of the world. 

    Tomorrow, Wanbang will go towards the world and create a greater chapter!