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About WanBang

For API and products:WB Formulation, WB Jinqiao, WB Zhaohui, WB Tiancheng 

For biologics: WB Formulation, WB Jinqiao, WB Chemo, WB Sinock, WB Tiansheng

For Chinese medicine and slices:WB Folon, WB Huanghe, WB Tiancheng

Other base:Yuandong  

Advanced Production Workshop And Equipment

                                       Capsule machine                                                                                     B + S production line        

All of the production lines had passed the new GMP standards regulated by CFDA. The new workshop and formulation workshop that meet the US and EU cGMP standards, are put into operation. 

 Key production and testing use advanced imported equipment, some production lines under the German B+S O-RABS system, sterile inspection follows France Getinge-la Calhene ISOLATOR technology, and the freeze-drying machine and automatic loading and unloading system use equipment provided by Dongfulong. 

Many Production Lines Had Passed The Foreign Inspection

Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP